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Student of the Month  --  Congratulations!

Teacher Student
Dr. Shyne Ramon Borjon
Ms. Velazquez Daniel Garcia
Mr. Wellman Gladys Alcantar
Ms. Benassini Georgienae Richmond
Ms. Showley Jacklyn Jones
Ms. You

Daniel Ibarra

Mr. Everett Fatima Leon
Mr. Eomurian Ivan Piceno

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Pregnant and Parenting Teens

New CNA Class

Public Service Pathway
Today: 1/15/18

Reid Expectations


Raptor Expectations


Reid students will respect themselves, the staff, and the community.

Reid students will maximize their credit-earning potential.

Reid students will come to school prepared and on time.

Reid students will follow the guidelines of the dress code.

Reid students will use appropriate language in and out of class.

Reid students will come to school drug and alcohol free.

Reid students will refrain from bringing anything illegal or dangerous to school.

Reid students will resolve differences through peaceful communication.

Reid students will appreciate that which is given to them.


October's Perfect Attendance

October's Perfect Attendance

Reid vs. Beach High School 11/1/2017

2018 Reid Graduates

School District News

Grad Night 2018

Grad Nite Flier Photo.gif

Lunchtime Fun

Lunchtime Fun

College and Career Fair at the Pyramid 11.1.2017


Online Math Support for Grades 9-12 Click Here.

Graduate 2017

Adigwe, Peter

Aguilar, Jennifer

Aispuro, Oliver

Albright, Wesley

Alcantar, David

Alejandre, Jacqueline

Almaraz, Maria

Barela, Carlos

Bayer, Josef

Blackwell, Savannah

Bolivar, Salvador

Brown, Matthew

Burgie, ...more

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Goodwill Job Training

Goodwill Job Training

Bragg Industries Fieldtrip on October 2, 2016.