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Reid vs. Beach 5/24/17

Today: 9/24/17

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Reid Expectations


Raptor Expectations


Reid students will respect themselves, the staff, and the community.

Reid students will maximize their credit-earning potential.

Reid students will come to school prepared and on time.

Reid students will follow the guidelines of the dress code.

Reid students will use appropriate language in and out of class.

Reid students will come to school drug and alcohol free.

Reid students will refrain from bringing anything illegal or dangerous to school.

Reid students will resolve differences through peaceful communication.

Reid students will appreciate that which is given to them.


Graduation Photos

Justin Rudd was kind enough to take some excellent photographs or Reid's 2017 Graduation.  Press on the link and you will be taken to the photos.



Arturo Rodriguez

Graduation Speech 2017



Good Afternoon Dr. Cornejo, distinguished guests, teachers and class of 2017.  We are so proud and happy to have reached our goal.  I would like to thank all those teachers and administrators who helped us get to this day.


Getting to graduation has not been easy because life is tough.  For example, I didn’t grow up having Jordans, gold chains or money to show off on Instagram.  I didn’t even have my parents with me.


My parents came to this country as teenagers and here is where my brother and I were born.  I don’t have my parents with me because they didn’t stay.  I have lived with my grandparents since I was 6 years old.


A parent doesn’t have to be the ones who gave birth to you.  A parent is the person who shows love to you, defends you, and guides you.  My grandparents, my aunts, uncles, teachers, and Staff at Reid have become my parents.


People say Reid is for dumb students and all kind of other putdowns.  We, the class of 2017, are proof that what others say is false.  I am an 11th grader who finished earning my credits in March and now I’m graduating with everyone else.  I had all A’s, did all my work, and even did extra credit to finish earlier.  It’s never too late to graduate and it’s never too early.


Reid is smaller than a regular high school, but it has so much more love and respect for others.  Teachers are on our side and make the school year better.  At Reid, there is less drama and less fighting.  If I was to rate our school, I would give it 5 stars because I have learned things I never learned at other schools.  For example, I was taught to express myself freely in my writing, how to go to college, how to apply for aid, and now I can show others that anything is possible.


Well we have a past and we all have a story about why we’re at Reid.  Many of us have been through difficult struggles and challenges that made us feel like there was no tomorrow.  Behind my smiles each day growing up there were tears.  Not growing up with my parents has made me strong.  I’m blessed to have people like my grandmother who is there to pick me up when I’m down.


Reid has given me some of the most valuable lessons.  It has shown me that we don’t need looks, riches, or have to act like someone we are not to be accepted.  Instead, it has given me wonderful friends that make me smile and make me laugh every day.


Despite the arguments that we overcome with family members, friends, and sometimes teachers, there will always be people who would say, “Pursue you dreams and never give up.”  My Uncle Jaime has always told me “No deses ser como una persona, porque si la persona no estuviera en este mundo, que harias?”  Don’t wish to be like anyone else because if that person didn’t exist, who would you be?  I am original just like every single person in this world.  You are original as well.  My parents or any other person doesn’t define me.  We are not different, we are unique and different pieces make the puzzle more fun.

2017 Reid Graduates

Reid 2017 Senior Picnic

April's Positive Attendance

April's Positive Attendance

USC Fieldtrip 5.10.17

Reid News


The Long Beach Press-Telegram is again launching its popular Scary Stories contest for Long Beach area youth. Winning entries – both stories and artwork – will be published in the Press-Telegram on Halloween, Oct. 31. The rules are the same as last year, with three age categories for stories and drawings:

  • Elementary grades (K-5)
  • Middle grades (6-8)
  • High school grades (9-12)

Here are the rules:

  • The deadline is Monday, Oct. 23.
  • All entries must be emailed, with the entrant’s name and grade, and the subject line “Scary Stories,” to: Stories can be submitted in the body of the email, or as a Word attachment.  Drawings should be submitted in JPEG format, no larger than 5MG in size.
  • Stories must be no longer than 650 words.
  • Artwork must be original (no tracings).
  • Entries will be judged based on imagination, creativity and theme.
  • The winning entries will be published in the Press-Telegram on Oct. 31, and posted online at

If you have any questions, e-mail Press-Telegram City Editor Melissa Evans at or call 562-499-1280.


View attached flier for details.


School District News

2017 Graduate List

Adigwe, Peter

Aguilar, Jennifer

Aispuro, Oliver

Albright, Wesley

Alcantar, David

Alejandre, Jacqueline

Almaraz, Maria

Barela, Carlos

Bayer, Josef

Blackwell, Savannah

Bolivar, Salvador

Brown, Matthew

Burgie, ...more

Reid's Most Inspirational Student for 2017

Online Math Support for Grades 9-12 Click Here.

Plan for your future after Reid H.S.

Bragg Industries Fieldtrip on October 2, 2016.

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